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“what do you want to do on the first date?”

“i want you to go to the beach and have a good time with me.” she said.

,. “i’m going to have to get out of here. i’m not going anywhere. you know what i mean? you’re going home. and you’re not even going back to your room. so i’ll just leave you alone. it’s not like i can do anything about it. but you know, i don’t want anything to happen to you. that’s why i’ve got you here, and i want it to be okay. because i love you, you love me, so i know you’ll be fine. if you don’ wanna go home, then you can stay here and watch me do my thing. or if you wanna stay in the house and do your thing, that’s fine too. just leave me alone, okay? and i won’t be able to help you with anything. no matter how much i try to make you happy, it’s gonna be hard for me to keep you from doing what you need to, because i have no control over what happens to me or you or anyone else. the only thing that can make me happy is if i make sure that you get to see me again, or if it makes you feel better about yourself, which i do, but it doesn’t mean that i will make any changes to my life. there’s no way i could do that, no matter what. all i need is for you and me and everyone else to stay together and enjoy each other’s company. we can’t have any more of that. let’s just go out and get some rest. don’t worry about anything else, just stay with us.” “okay,” she said with a smile. “you’re welcome.”
the next day, the next morning, she went to her room and sat down on her bed. she had a few things to show for it, including a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. when she got home from work, her husband came over and asked her if she wanted to take a picture with him. he said that he was going out to dinner with her and that she would be happy to meet him if he came back. they went out for a walk and when they got back, they saw that the door had been locked and they had to wait for the police to arrive. as soon as they arrived at the front door, there was a knock at it and the cops were there to arrest them. after they were arrested, he told them that they could go back in to their room, where they would meet up with their parents and see if there were any problems with the situation. then he said they should go and meet with his parents. at that point, his mother and father came to him and told him that his father had come to visit them and he should come back with them to his room so they wouldn’t get arrested. later that night, when he woke up at his desk, all of his friends and family came up and hugged him, saying that it was okay for him to come home and be alone with everyone. his mother said she didn’t think that was the best thing for her son to say, since he had no idea what was happening. her father told her that if they did not come out, their son would not be allowed to live with any of the other people he knew. in the days that followed, things got worse for his family, as he began to lose his job and his house. one day when his sister was in school, a friend of hers came home to find him lying on his back on a bed with nothing but a blanket on. a few days later, another friend came into the room to tell her about what had happened. this time she told the friend that her brother had just been arrested and she was worried that something was wrong with that person. on the day that this happened, one of her friends called her to ask her what she had seen. according to this friend, this was her sister’s birthday and her mother had called to inform her of it as well. shortly after this call came in, my brother was arrested again and was charged with two counts of second-degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder. my brother’s case was eventually dismissed and my mother was placed in a mental institution for two years. during that time, we had two children, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. our family was very happy with our situation and we were very proud of our family and our friends. however, after a while, our mother started to feel that things were getting worse and more difficult for us. for the last few years, everything was getting better for our children. things were going well for my son, who was still in high school and had never been in trouble