Little rock airport

What airlines fly out of little rock airport?

Allegiant air customer service (702) 505-8888. american airlines. customer service: 1-800-433-7300. delta airlines. customer service: 1-800-221-1212. customer service: 1-800-435-9792. united airlines. customer service: 1-800-864-8331. border airlines. customer service: 801-401-9000.

the following is a list of all of the airlines that offer customer service. if you have any questions, please contact us.

What airport do you fly into for little rock arkansas?

The closest major airport is bill and hillary clinton/adams field national airport (lit / klit). this airport has domestic flights and is 7 miles from downtown little rock, ar.

this is the only airport in the country that has an airport name. it is located in a rural area of the state of arkansas. the name of this airport was changed to bill clinton airport in 1996. this is a small airport located on the outskirts of little river, arkansas, and has a population of just over 1,000 people. there is no other airport on this list that does not have a name that is similar to this one.

Is little rock a big airport?

Bill and hillary clinton national airport is arkansas’ busiest commercial airport with nearly two million passengers annually. little rock airport, also known as adams field, is home to six airlines with dozens of daily departures and nonstop flights to 14 destinations.

in addition to the airport, the arkansas department of transportation has been working to improve the security of its airport. the state’s airport security system is designed to protect the public from potential terrorists and other threats to public safety.

How many gates does little rock airport have?

12 gates airport terminals clinton national airport has a single terminal with 12 gates. six gates run the length of the terminal (three on each side) and a rotunda at the end has six more.

the airport is located in the heart of downtown washington, d.c., and is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike. the airport’s main entrance is on the west side of interstate 5, and the airport also serves as a gateway to the national mall. it is also the only airport in washington state that has an airport-wide parking lot.

How much does it cost to park at little rock airport?

Parking fees at little rock airport parking is $1 per 20 minutes up to a daily maximum of $13 per 24 hours. the long-term slot costs $1 per 20 minutes up to a daily maximum of $10 per 24 hours. valet parking is available for $16 per day.

the parking fee is based on the number of parking spaces available at each location. parking fees are based upon the total number and type of vehicles in the parking lot. for more information, see parking fees.

Does southwest fly to arkansas?

Southwest airlines flies to little rock frequently, making it easy to plan your next visit. of course, there’s more to a memorable trip to rock town than just finding a cheap flight to bill & hillary clinton national airport.

What airlines fly into northwest arkansas?

Fayetteville, arkansas airport is served by allegiant air, american airlines, delta, and united airlines.

the airport is located in the heart of the city of charlotte, north carolina. it is the largest airport in north america, with more than 1,000 employees. the airport has a population of over 1 million.

What is the main airport in arkansas?

Bill and hillary clinton national airport in little rock (lit) and northwest arkansas national airport (xna) are the two busiest airports in the state and together offer dozens of daily departures and non-stop service to destinations across the country.

in addition to the airport, there are several other airports that offer daily flights to and from the u.s. and canada. these include the following airports:

washington, d.c. (dot) – dulles international airport, washington, dc (ddg)
. dulle airport is the busiest airport in america, with more than 1.5 million passengers a day. the airport is located at the intersection of the washington and virginia borders. it is also home to several international airports, including the international space station (iss), the united nations space center (unsc), and the national aeronautics and space administration (nasa). dullee is a popular destination for international flights, as well as a major hub for the international trade of goods and services between the usa and europe.

. is one of america’s busiest commercial airports. its airport serves as the hub of international commerce and commerce between washington dc and new york city. in addition, it hosts several national and international events, such as world cup soccer, the olympics, and other international sporting events. as a result of its proximity to washington’s capital, dullen is known for its high-speed rail system, which connects the city with the rest of washington state. additionally, its airport also hosts a number of other events and activities. for more information, visit

What airlines fly into arkansas?

Which airlines fly to arkansas? american airlines, alaska airlines and united airlines most often fly from the united states to arkansas.

american airlines: alaska, united, and alaska are the only airlines that fly directly to the state of arkansas, while alaska and the other two airlines are often flown to other states. united is the second most popular airline in the country, followed by alaska. alaska is also the third most frequent airline, behind united and delta air lines. delta is a major airline that flies to many states, including arkansas and arkansas-louisiana. american also flies directly from new york to new jersey, new hampshire, pennsylvania, delaware, maine, maryland, massachusetts, rhode island, vermont, virginia, washington, d.c., and virginia. in addition, american flies direct from florida to florida, florida-georgia, georgia-mississippi, mississippi-tennessee, tennessee-texas, texas-vermont, utah-utah, west virginia-wisconsin, wyoming-west virginia and wyoming are also popular destinations for american flights.

united: united has a long history of flying to states that are not part of the u.s. virgin islands, such as hawaii, puerto rico, guam, the virgin island of hawaii and guam. however, there are some exceptions to this rule. for example, virginians can fly direct to alaska from hawaii or from alaska to hawaii. the virginian-hawaiian air line (vha-hal) is one of only three airlines to have direct flights to and from all of these states (hawaii, hawaii-puerto rico and hawaii).

.united has an extensive list of destinations that can be flown from one state to another. these include:
,,, and. united also offers a wide variety of international flights, with many of them taking place in alaska or the gulf of mexico. international flights can take place from anywhere in north america, as long as the destination is within the continental united states of north carolina, north dakota, nebraska, kansas, missouri, oklahoma, oregon, south dakota and utah. there are many other international destinations as well, but the most common is from mexico, where united flies from san diego to mexico city. most of united’s flights are direct, though some may take longer. some of its flights take places in other countries, like from canada to australia, or even from south korea to south africa. it is important to note that united does not have a direct flight to any state, although it does have an international flight service to some states and some other destinations. if you are interested in flying united to a state that is not listed in this list, please contact the airline directly.

Does arkansas have an international airport?

Arkansas international airport (byh) is located approximately three miles northwest of blytheville, arkansas, just south of the missouri border. it is owned by the blytheville gosnell regional airport authority.

the airport is operated by a consortium of local, state, and federal government agencies. the airport was built in the early 1980s by private contractors, including the arkansas department of transportation, the u.s. army corps of engineers and the national aeronautics and space administration (nasa). the project was funded by federal and state funds. in addition to the airport, a number of other facilities are located within the state of arkansas. for more information, visit

When was little rock airport built?

1917 little rock’s first airport opened in 1917 and was officially known as the american operated little rock intermediate air depot. army signal corps. in 1926, the federal government acquired land to provide support and landing facilities for the arkansas national guard’s 154th observation squadron at the site.

in the early 1930s, a new airport was built in little falls, arkansas. it was called the little river airport. the airport’s name was changed to little rivers airport in 1937. little river was named after the river that flows through the city of little springs. this was the first major airport in the united states to be built on the mississippi river, and it was one of the largest airports in america.

Who owns the little rock airport?

City of little rock clinton national airport clinton national airport owner of adams field operator of the city of little rock little rock municipal airport commission serves little rock opened june 19, 1931, as the state of arkansas.

the city has been a major hub of commerce and commerce for more than a century. the city has a population of about 1.5 million people and is home to the largest number of businesses in the country. in addition to its many attractions, the city also has many other attractions that make it a popular destination for visitors. for example, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of lake michigan and the surrounding area. visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding, and horse-riding.

Does little rock airport have food?

Shopping, dining and amenities airport restaurants offer travelers the convenience of table service, and many offer take-out meals on board. if you are looking for reading material, a gift idea or simply a cold drink, you may find it in a small supermarket.

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Do all presidents get an airport named after them?

A few quirky things: only 18% of us presidents have an airport named after them, but 67% of presidents who were assassinated or survived an assassination attempt have an airport named after them.

in the us, the name of the airport was changed to the national airport of new york city. the name was also changed from the federal aviation administration (faa) name, which was used to designate airports in the united states. in the uk, it was renamed the london heathrow airport.

How many acres is little rock airport?

Facilities and aircraft the north little rock municipal airport covers an area of ​​251 ha (621 acres) at an elevation of 166 m (545 ft) above mean sea level. it has two runways: 5/23 east of 5002 by 75 feet (1525 by 23 m) with a concrete surface and 17/35 is 3019 by 75 feet (920 by 23 m) with an asphalt surface. the runway is located on the west side of the airport.

the north largo airport is the largest airport in the state of arkansas, with more than 1,000 employees and a population of about 1.5 million. its airport is operated by the arkansas department of transportation, which is responsible for the maintenance and operation of its facilities. in addition to its airport, the state of arkansas also has a number of other facilities, including the following: the state air force base, located at the northwest corner of interstate 10 and interstate 35, is a military airfield. this base is home to the air national guard, airborne corps, and the national air defense command, as well as the u.s. army air forces base at fort bragg, north carolina, where the base has been used for training and training since the early 1950s. a large portion of this base was built in 1942 and was used as a training facility until the end of world war ii, when it was moved to a new facility in 1945. airfield facilities include the army’s air training center at camp pendleton, california, a base for army special operations command (socom), and an airbase for air combat command and training (acct). the base also houses the united states army training and doctrine center (usatc), which was established in 1946. other facilities included the naval air station at pearl harbor, hawaii; the marine corps training facility at naval station norfolk, virginia; and naval research and development center, naval surface warfare center in maryland. all of these facilities are located within a 1-mile radius of each other. there are also facilities for other military installations, such as naval reserve base in virginia, marine reserve training complex in florida, navy reserve facility in hawaii, army corps of engineers base and army reserve station in texas, national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa) naval base camp lejeune, south carolina; naval facilities and facilities maintenance facility (nfsf) in new york city, new jersey; navy base fort benning, georgia; army base mcpherson, maryland; air and space command center and air warfare command facility, fort detrick, texas; national defense university (ndu), fort meade, michigan; uab, university of alabama, birmingham, alabama; fort lewis, kentucky; united launch alliance (ula) and ula, inc., fort worth, tex.; and united technologies corporation (utc) fort walton beach, florida. for more information, visit