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Do I need to rent a car in Palermo?

Re: do we need a car in palermo? Don, you definitely do not need a car in Palermo, in fact driving there is to be avoided at all cost! You can basically walk everywhere and the buses are great.

Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or away from the airport?

Stay Away From the Airport Rental Office Airport car-rental locations typically charge more per day per vehicle. Top that off with airport concession fees and taxes, and your rental bill can quickly get out of hand. Instead, save money by choosing a rental-car office away from the airport.

How do I get from Palermo airport to the city Centre?

Train from Palermo airport to the city center: Two trains run every hour from the airport with direct connections to Palermo Central railway station. The journey takes about 50/70 minutes depending on how many stops train makes. The first train leaves the airport at 05:15am and the last of the day a

Do I need a car in Sicily?

If you are visiting Sicily for 2 or 3 days, more than likely you may not need to rent a car. There is so much to do in the large cities, and public transport is readily available. As with many old Italian cities, some streets are quite narrow and parking can be difficult. … Sicily is a lot bigger than you may imagine.

Is it worth to rent a car in Sicily?

For anyone planning a trip to Sicily we highly recommend renting a car for your time on the island. Renting a car in Sicily is probably the best way to see the island and allows you the flexibility to explore this incredible island at your own pace.

How long does it take to drive around the island of Sicily?

I was able to complete my tour of Sicily – driving approximately 900 miles around the entire island in nine days and eight nights. There were early mornings, of course, and, at times, long stretches between stops. But since the main roads are well maintained, you can move about fairly quickly.

How can I avoid airport car rental fees?

5 Ways to Avoid Extra Rental Car Fees DON’T BUY EXTRA INSURANCE. Are you paying for your rental with a credit card? DON’T BUY THEIR GAS. At some rental car agencies, you can prepay to have them fill your tank after you drop the car off. … AVOID THE AIRPORT. … FIND A DISCOUNT. … DON’T BOTH TO RETURN EARLY

Why are airport rental cars so expensive?

The response to supply-and-demand is immediate. Because rental companies have a fairly fixed amount of stock available, the more Americans try to get cars, the higher prices will go.

How do car rentals at airports work?

If you rent a car at the airport terminal, you’ll be assessed a surcharge for an airport fee. Rental car companies pay these surcharges to the airport and pass them along to the consumer, so there’s no way of avoiding the fee if you rent at the airport.

How much is a taxi from Palermo to airport?

The taxi drivers are very conversant with various locations and hotels within the town and will easily be able to get you there. The transfer to Palermo from the airport takes approximately 45 minutes and costs €35.00 when the meter is switched on, sometimes it is necessary to negotiate.

How much does a taxi cost from Palermo airport to the city?

Getting from Palermo Airport to City Center OPTION PRICE DURATION Taxi €35 30min Bus €12.60 45min Train €11.80 60min

How much is a taxi from Palermo airport to Mondello?

The quickest way to get from Palermo Airport (PMO) to Mondello Beach Home is to taxi which costs €35 – €45 and takes 20 min.

Is driving in Palermo difficult?

Most travelers will find that driving in Sicily is not overly difficult, especially in larger cities like Palermo and Catania. … As you’ll find with most other cities in Italy, drivers tend to be fast and aggressive. Defensive driving on the island of Sicily is important, so always anticipate what other drivers might do.

Are trains in Sicily reliable?

Places in Sicily You Can Travel By Train. Keeping all of the above points in mind, there are certain routes where it is quite easy to take the train in Sicily. You don’t have to worry too much about schedules, except on Sundays, because the trains along these routes are fairly frequent and reliable. Most of the time

Is there Uber in Sicily?

Uber is practically nonexistent in Sicily. The most common app is BlaBlaCar, which is a carpooling service.