Car rental in Munich Airport

Is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or away from the airport?

Stay Away From the Airport Rental Office Airport car-rental locations typically charge more per day per vehicle. Top that off with airport concession fees and taxes, and your rental bill can quickly get out of hand. Instead, save money by choosing a rental-car office away from the airport.

How do I return my rental car at Munich airport?

At the end of the rental contract customers should return their rental car to the designated area at the car rental return center which is located opposite to the parking areas P26 and just north of P9. Customers should leave the keys and documents in the car, so the service team can collect them.

Is it expensive to rent a car in Germany?

Car rentals in Cologne are usually the cheapest in Germany at $44 per day on average. Flensburg usually has the highest priced car rentals in Germany with rentals averaging $60 per day.

Is Europcar a good company?

Reviews of Europcar Car Rental On Trustpilot, Europcar has a rating of 2.2 stars based on more than 8,700 reviews. … According to Trustpilot, Europcar has responded to 98% of their negative reviews. Meanwhile, the website Consumer Affairs gives Europcar only 1.8 out of 5 stars, based on 1,136 ratings.

Why are airport rental cars so expensive?

The response to supply-and-demand is immediate. Because rental companies have a fairly fixed amount of stock available, the more Americans try to get cars, the higher prices will go.

Can tourists rent cars in Germany?

To rent a car in Germany, you’ll need: Driver’s license. International Driving Permit (IDP) Valid ID (Driver’s license or passport can be used; for non-EU visitors, an International Driver Permit is required if your license is not written in English.)

Is train better than car?

Passenger rail is around three times more efficient than a car on a passenger-mile basis at current occupancy levels. The lower energy consumption leads to lower greenhouse emissions.

Does Germany accept international drivers license?

While Germany does not require foreign citizens to acquire international driver’s permits, the neighboring country of Austria and many other European countries do.

Is Europcar better than Hertz?

Despite Europcar’s positives, Hertz has the edge on price, location, customer satisfaction and its rewards programme – particularly the valuable perk of a free additional driver. However, quotes and policies need to be compared each and every time to get the best deal.

How big is Europcar?

With one of the UK’s largest rental fleets, Europcar is positioned to deliver the right vehicle, in the right place, at the right time. Coupled with the convenience of more than 200 UK locations and a fleet size of up to 62,000 vehicles we are never too far away from either your business or home address.

Who is Europcar associated with?

From 1998, Europcar had progressively been acquired by the Volkswagen Group, until it eventually became a subsidiary 100% owned by the carmaker in 1999.