Car Rental in Koblenz

Is it good to rent a car in Guatemala?

In general, I don’t recommend renting a car in Guatemala. The roads are often dangerous. Guatemalan drivers, particularly bus and truck drivers, have apparently no concern for human life, their own or anybody else’s. A brutal Darwinian survival of the fittest reigns on Guatemala’s roads.

Is renting a car in Portugal worth it?

Renting a car is a surprisingly cheap transportation option for traveling through Portugal! Renting a car is often not only your cheapest option for traveling in Portugal, but is also definitely the most comfortable and convenient option.

Is it easy to rent a car in Taiwan?

Navigating Taiwan by rental car is relatively easy and we highly recommend renting a car if you are comfortable driving. The roads are high-quality, driving standards are generally good and fuel is extremely cheap (compared to the UK and Ireland anyway!).

How much does it cost to rent a car in Slovakia?

On average a rental car in Slovakia costs $165 per week ($24 per day).

Can a US citizen drive in Guatemala?

We understand that Guatemala recognizes the International Driver’s License, which is available in the United States through chapters of the American Automobile Association (AAA). When driving with an International Driver’s License, a valid U.S. state license should also be carried.

Can tourists drive in Guatemala?

To be allowed to drive in Guatemala you only have to take your valid driver’s license with you. In order to avoid discussions with the police an additional international document is a good option. The traffic rules are similar to the European or U.S. regulations.

How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Portugal?

On average a rental car in Portugal costs $272 per week ($39 per day).

What is required to rent a car in Portugal?

To rent a car in Portugal, you must provide a rental company clerk with your international passport, credit card, valid driving license. Your driving experience must be at least 1+ years. The minimum driving age is 25 years while the maximum is 75 years. … You will get your deposit back after you return a car.

Can tourists drive in Portugal?

As a visitor, you can drive your own vehicle to Portugal for up to 183 days in any 12-month period, and can only use your vehicle for tourism; you are not allowed to loan it to anyone else. If you want to stay longer, you have to apply to the Portuguese Customs authority to have the car legally imported.

Can foreigner drive in Taiwan?

Taiwan – Foreigners Driving in Taiwan. Any foreigner who wishes to drive and/or riding a scooter in Taiwan must have a valid driver’s license. The only valid licenses are a locally-issued Taiwan driver’s license or an International Driver’s License issued outside Taiwan which has a Permit issued from.

Is it expensive to rent a car in Taiwan?

Car rentals in Taitung City are usually the cheapest in Taiwan at $63 per day on average. Taoyuan City usually has the highest priced car rentals in Taiwan with rentals averaging $91 per day.

Is it safe to drive in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s road network is relatively dense, particularly around Taipei. Road conditions are generally good, but motorists driving in the mountains should be mindful of the fact that Taiwan’s mountain roads are especially vulnerable to damage from typhoons and earthquakes, and are thus regularly under repair.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Slovakia?

If you want to rent a car in Slovakia, the minimum age for drivers is 21; however, this can vary depending on the car’s category. For example, some car classes have a maximum rental age of 70 years old. To those drivers under 25 years old, they may incur a young driver surcharge.