Can you rent a car in car rental at ballina airport

What do you need to rent a car toronto?

  • Being over a certain age.
  • An acceptable driver’s license.
  • A credit card.
  • Insurance for the rental car.

What do you need to rent a car toronto?

5 essentials you need for renting a car in canada a valid driver’s license. the license must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid during the entire rental period…. to be above a certain age…. an acceptable driving record…. a credit card…. insurance for the rental car.

What do you need to rent a car toronto?

Are rental cars available in toronto?

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car rental is the most popular car rental service in canada and is available in all major cities. car rental services are available from all over the world. you can also find car rentals in your area by searching for “car rental” on the map below.

the following is a list of all the major canadian cities that offer car rentals. the cities listed are not all in ontario. if you are looking for a specific city, you can search for it by clicking on a city name.

Are rental cars available in toronto?

How old do you have to be to rent a car in toronto?

21 years old required the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years old. an age supplement will be charged. rental rates may be higher for renters between the ages of 21 and 24.

rental rates for renters under 21
. the maximum age for renting a rental vehicle under 21 is 18 years. a minimum of one year is required for rental of a motor vehicle. for more information, see renting a motor vehicle under 18 years old. if you are under the age of 18, you must be 21 or older to use the rental car. you must have a valid driver’s license or permit to operate a car under 18. rentals for motor vehicles under age 18 must include a minimum deposit of $1,000.00. this deposit must not exceed $5,500.50 per month. in addition, if you have been issued a driving permit, the maximum deposit is $2,250.25 per year. all rental vehicles must meet the following requirements:
(1) the vehicle must: (a) be equipped with a windshield and rearview mirror; (b) have an approved parking brake system; and (c) comply with all applicable laws and regulations. (2) a vehicle may not be rented for more than one month at a time. no more vehicles may rent for less than two months at any time during the same rental period. each rental may only be used for one or more rental periods. any rental that does not meet all of the requirements of this section is considered a violation of section 6-4-102.5 of title 18 of indiana code.

(3) all vehicles rented under this subsection shall be registered with the indiana department of motor vehicles and the department shall maintain a record of all rental transactions and all vehicle registrations for a period of six months from the date the vehicle was rented. vehicles rented in excess of 60 days of rental time may also be subject to a fine of up to $500 and/or imprisonment for not more then six years, or both, for each day that a person is not required to register. however, a maximum of two vehicles per rental shall not constitute a single rental. vehicle registrations shall include the name, address, and telephone number of each person who rented the vehicles, as well as any other information required by law to be provided to the department. motor vehicle registration records shall also include all information necessary to obtain a license to drive or operate any motor car, including

Do i need insurance to rent a car?

Do you need insurance to rent a car? no, you do not need insurance as rental cars are already insured. however, some form of rental insurance is highly recommended as if you rent a car without insurance you will be liable for any damage to the vehicle.

how do i get insurance for my car if i don’t have insurance? you will need to obtain a rental car insurance policy from your local insurance company. if you are not sure about your insurance, please contact the insurance office of your choice. you can also contact a local car rental company to find out more information about their policies.

Can i rent a car with a g2 in toronto?

What are the requirements? valid driver’s license – you must have a valid class “g” driver’s license to rent a car in ontario. it must be valid for the entire rental period. if you only have a learner’s license (g1 or g2 driver’s license), you cannot rent a car.

– you may not rent or lease a vehicle for more than one year. you can only rent and lease one vehicle at a time. renting and leasing vehicles is not allowed on the day of the rental. the vehicle must not be used for any purpose other than for personal use. a vehicle may only be rented or leased for one or more days at any one time, and you must notify the landlord of that day. in addition, if you are renting or leasing a motor vehicle, you may be required to pay a fee to the ontario motor vehicle commission (omc) for each vehicle you rent, lease, or sell. this fee is $5.00 per day for a one-day rental, $10.50 for two-days rental and $15.75 for three- or four-night rentals. for more information, see the omc’s website at

Do you need insurance to rent a car canada?

Do i need car rental insurance in canada? yes. when you rent a car, you need some form of coverage to protect the vehicle and yourself. without it, you would have to pay for damages out of pocket in addition to basic protection.

can i get car insurance for my car? no. car insurance is not covered by the insurance corporation of canada (icc) or any other insurance company. however, if you are a canadian resident, your insurance will cover your car. if you live in the united states or canada and you have a valid canadian driver’s license, the insurance you receive will be valid for the entire period of your driving licence. you will not be able to get insurance if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a criminal act or a natural disaster. for more information, see how to get car insurance for your vehicle.

Is turo in canadian dollars?

*we display the price of travel and associated costs for travel within canada in canadian dollars (cad). for travel within the uk it is quoted in pounds (£). for travel within the united states and elsewhere, it is quoted in united states dollars (us$).

for travel outside canada, the cost of accommodation and food is included in the travel cost.
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Is turo in canadian dollars?

Is turo available in canada?

Today we are thrilled to announce that we have launched turo in canada in partnership with leading canadian insurers, intact and belairdirect. the launch marks two historic firsts – canada is our first market expansion outside of the united states and we are the first peer-to-peer car rental company in canada.

turo is a new way to connect with your family, friends and neighbours. it is an innovative way for you to share your car with others. we are excited to be able to offer this service to you and to your friends in the u.s., canada and the rest of north america, and will be working closely with our partners to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Can i rent my car to someone canada?

Canadians can now rent their personal vehicle to others through an american company that has just formed in this country. “in fact, we are the first company to bring the benefits of peer-to-peer car rental to canada,” said cédric mathieu, director at turo canada.

“we are very excited about the opportunity to partner with the canadian automobile association to provide a safe and convenient way for canadians to get around the country,” he said in a statement. “we look forward to working with our canadian partners to create a safer and more convenient alternative to driving in canada.”

Can i rent my car to someone canada?

Can you rent a car with an n license in bc?

Can you rent a car in british columbia with an n? yes you can! there aren’t many options, but there are a few options for new and novice drivers, depending on where you live and which of the following companies you have access to.

if you’re looking for a new car, you may want to check out our guide to the best car rental companies in canada.

Can you rent a car with a g2 in alberta?

  • All agencies require a valid driver’s license and a credit card in the renter’s name

Can you rent a car with a g2 in alberta?

In canada, so long as you have your g2, you can rent a car, but there are stipulations including only one other passenger under the age of 19 for the first 6 months and no driving between midnight and 5 am…. all agencies will need a valid driver’s license and credit card in the renter’s name.

if you are renting a vehicle, it is important to note that you will be required to pay a fee to the rental agency. this fee is based on the amount of the vehicle you rent. the fee will vary depending on how much the car is worth. for example, if you pay $100,000, the fee for a rental car will range from $50,500 to $75,200. if you do not pay the full amount, then the agency will charge you a $25 fee, which is the same as the $10 fee you would pay to rent your car.

Can i rent a car at 18 ontario?

In general, the minimum age to rent a vehicle in canada is 21, except in saskatchewan and/or quebec, where it is 18. note that in most provinces you can rent a car if you are over 21, but less there is a fee for those under 25, which may be subject to taxes and surcharges.

if you live in ontario, you must be over the age of 21 to own a motor vehicle. you can buy a new car in the province of ontario by paying a deposit of $1,000 or more, or by purchasing a rental vehicle from a licensed dealer. if you do not have a valid ontario driver’s licence, your vehicle will not be considered for rental. however, if your licence is not valid in your province, it will be issued to you by the ontario motor vehicle commission. the ontario provincial police will issue you with a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and you will have to pay a fine of up to $500. in some provinces, there are no penalties for failing to comply with the law. for more information, see the motor vehicles section of the canadian vehicle information centre.