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Many other websites hide fees and extra costs from you. There will be no surprises when you get at the rental desk because we include all obligatory fees, taxes, and extras in the quoted price.

Find Auto Rentals

Find Auto Rentals

Our mission at Find Auto Rentals is to find most cheapest car for you. No matter if you want to rent a car for leisure or business trip we got you covered. With our easy to use search you can find cars for rent in multiple locations and see all available cars and prices.


What do I need to rent a car?

A valid driver’s license is required to begin. In most cases, you must have kept it for at least one (1) year. You’ll also need a credit (or debit, if applicable) card to pay for the rental and a security deposit, as well as the rental voucher you received when making the reservation.
You will almost always be required to present additional identification when renting in a foreign country, the most common of which is a passport.

At what age can I rent a car?

It is dependent on the location where you wish to rent a car. Several European countries, as well as the states of New York and Michigan in the United States, allow you to rent a car at the age of 18, but many places require you to be 21. Before clicking the Search Now button, you can quickly verify your age by entering it.
Most rental companies charge a young driver fee for renters under the age of 25, though the age varies by company and location. When you enter your age before looking for the simplest comparison, we include this cost in the total.

What should I look for when choosing a rental company?

When deciding which company to rent from, reviews and rental terms are two factors to consider.
When customers return the car, they are asked to rate their rental experience, and these ratings are displayed when you search for a car. Look for the badge for Excellent Car Rental Service, which we give to the top three companies in each region with an average rating of 8 or higher.
Check the rental terms and conditions to ensure that the rental company you choose is the best fit for your needs.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

It used to be difficult to rent a car without a credit card, but that has changed rapidly. Many companies, particularly multinationals like Avis, Dollar, Hertz, and others, allow renters to pay and deposit a security deposit with a debit card (although the card must be a Mastercard or Visa).
If you don’t have a credit card, check the Payment Policies section of the Rental Terms to see if the company accepts debit cards before making a reservation.

What if my plans change?

If you reserve a car, you can modify or cancel reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the indicated pick-up time.

There are many wonderful places to visit!

How big rental car you need?

Size is the most important criterion when choosing a rental car. Add up the number of passengers, including those you plan to carry on a limited basis. For example, if you are going on a trip with your spouse and two children, a vehicle that comfortably seats four passengers and has a spacious trunk is probably sufficient, but if you are traveling to a destination where other friends or family members family can travel long If desired, keep this in mind when choosing your rental car. Rental cars are generally categorized by size, with different sizes accommodating a specific number of passengers.

  • Economy/Compact: Two adults, two children
  • Medium: Four adults, one child
  • Full Size/Premium/Luxury/SUV: Five adults
  • Hybrid and electric: Two adults, two children

What are the different types of rental cars?

If you’re considering renting a car, you probably have a good idea of ​​the type of car you want. Depending on your trip, you might even have an exact model in mind. The problem lies in the language rental companies use to classify cars, as they may use terms you don’t know or use different terms for the same thing. Depending on the company, you may see the same car labeled midsize, intermediate, or standard.

This guide explains the most common car rental categories in the United States, the details of each category and the most popular models in each. There are several other less common categories for people interested in high performance or exotic cars that are not explained in detail in this guide.

Keep in mind that when you reserve a car in a specific category, you may not get the exact model you selected. Most car rental companies will show you an offer for a specific model “or equivalent” or “similar options” as they change their fleet frequently and may not know if that exact model is bookable when you check out.